ACCREDITAtion Standards



The accreditation standards by which an institution is measured have been developed for use in evaluating its educational effectiveness.

These standards are organized under two headings: FOUNDATIONAL STANDARDS and OPERATIONAL STANDARDS.

The standards are designed to guide institutions from initial application through the periodic reassessment process required of accredited institutions. The Foundational Standards section and the Operational Standards section provide the substantive issues that must be specifically and thoroughly addressed in the institution's Self- Study Report to certify compliance.

It should be noted that BOTH the opening descriptive statements AND the standards and evaluative criteria themselves are to serve as the basis of the institution's self-study process and are to be addressed in the self-study report.

We are pleased to provide online access to the TRACS Accreditation Manual, which details the standards by which accreditation may be attained. To view or download the manual in pdf format, click HERE >>