Member Institutions Job Openings


Employment opportunities with our various member organizations will be posted as we are notified of their availability.
Please contact the organization directly using the provided contact information.

Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary


The President hires the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) for an indefinite term. The VPAA sits on the President’s Cabinet, and is an essential member of the senior leadership team. This person reports to, answers to, and is evaluated by the President and ultimately the Board of Directors. This person must be highly ethical, trustworthy, credible, loyal, and respectful, and must lead with a clear focused commitment, and who seeks creative and innovative solutions to problem solving. Duties include planning and overseeing of the annual Awards Banquet, Graduation, and the regular revision and publication of the Curriculum Guide. In the absence of the President, the VPAA conducts limited corporate business and carries out the most essential duties of the President. Furthermore, the VPAA must be an individual of stature and integrity who adheres to the institution’s “Code of Conduct” and “Doctrinal Statement,” and who maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The individual must be in full accord with the goals and objectives of CCCTS and be a capable administrator who is motivated by a spirit of servant leadership. Further, this person must be an impartial administrator who commands the respect of colleagues, benefactors, and students.

To apply for this position, please contact Dr. Eddie Grigg, CCCTS President (

Pacific Islands University


PIU is a Christ-centered, missional, community that prepares students with a biblical worldview for leadership and service in life, work & ministry in the community and around the world. As an ethnically diverse learning community, PIU seeks employees who are culturally, ethnically, and academically sensitive to the wide array of needs represented by our student body. Pacific Islands University is currently looking for candidates to fill the position of Chief Financial Officer & Institutional Assessment Director.