Evaluation Team Packet


Evaluation Team Packet

Evaluation Team members are encouraged to review all of the documents / publications that make up the Evaluation Team member packet in preparation for Evaluation Team Visits.

Team members should print and bring the Evaluation Team Workbook and the appropriate Evaluation Instruments packet with them for use during each Evaluation Team Visit.

The following documents / publications comprise the Evaluation Team Visit packet:

Evaluation Team Procedures Manual — This publication provides an overview of the procedures and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the Self-Study and Evaluation Team Visit processes including those responsibilities that are unique to Evaluation Team members.

Evaluation Team Workbook – This publication is utilized by the Evaluation Team members to record their findings with regards to an institution’s level of compliance with TRACS Standards. Team members are encouraged to keep their copy of the Evaluation Team Workbook with them during interviews and during document review and mark their rating (according to the scale provided in the Benchmarks for Excellence) appropriately in the areas of review. Once the Evaluation Team Report is finalized, team members will transfer their individual ratings in their assigned areas to the “MASTER” copy of the Evaluation Team Workbook and initial beside each rating.

Benchmarks for Excellence – This publication is intended to serve as a guide for Evaluation Team members in determining an institutions level of compliance with TRACS Standards. The wording provided in Benchmarks for Excellence may be used by team members when writing the narratives for their particular assigned sections of the Evaluation Team Report

Demonstrating Compliance  Evaluative Criteria and Typical Documentation – This publication is intended to provide guidance to institutions in the production, gathering and presentation of documentary evidence demonstrating compliance. TRACS staff, peer evaluators and the Accreditation Commission may also use these guidelines to determine an institution’s level of compliance with TRACS Standards.

Reliability and Validity Form – The purpose of this Reliability / Validity Study DATA COLLECTION FORM is to determine the consistency (reliability) with which the Evaluation Team members evaluate the institution against the TRACS Standards between themselves. This allows the researcher to determine the correlation in professional judgment of team members from differing higher education perspectives. A consensus team evaluation of the institution will be compiled later under the direction of the Team Chair.  

 Evaluation Instruments – The packet of evaluation instruments for individual Team members and  Chair of the Evaluation Team. These packets contain the various instruments to be utilized by the team as a part of the overall review and evaluation processes associated with an Evaluation Team Visit.

Reimbursement Form (PDF or Excel)– Evaluation Team members should complete and submit this form to the TRACS office as soon as possible (no more than 10 working days) following an Evaluation Team Visit to ensure timely reimbursement of expenses incurred by team members which are directly associated with the Evaluation Team Visit.